Day 1 - 44 Days of Witchery - What's Your Witchy Background?

I started walking this path when I was 13. I had to hide it much of the time. I love my family, but they weren't exactly the most understanding at the time. The influences on my practice are a mix of Celtic and Native American. It sounds like an odd mix, I know but, it works for me. For the longest time I had to practice in secret. My ex-husband wouldn't allow me to have an altar and I had to hide my tools and cards. Finally, I am able to be open with my practice. My Hubby is very understanding and my altar is in our bedroom. A FULL ALTAR FINALLY! It takes so much stress off to be able to be open in practice. I am learning more and more as I go, and have wonderful friends who have helped me along the way. I recently gained a whole group of friends through my sister's (soon to be?) mother-in-law. It has been one of the best experiences and it's like I gained a whole new part to my family. They have given me advice and have shown me sources to rebuild my Book of Shadows, which was zapped during a bad storm. I can't wait to continue my journey and pass the love and peace I have felt onto my daughter. Blessed Be.

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