Drop Dead Fred giveaway on Beauty Expressions

Hey Guys!

Check out Kristin's Drop Dead Fred giveaway on her Beauty Expressions page!


Glitter N' Glam Giveaway

Check out Chrissy's Super Spectacular madd Style Cosmetix giveaway on her blog!!!



You too can be an Elf Queen


Magic yourself over to my YouTube page and learn how to create this awesome Elf Queen character mask!


Coming up this week

Coming up this week, I've got a cool how-to that will keep your makeup (or other things) organized and ready to go, more character designs and some requests. Stay tuned!


Handmade by Jamie

Check out this awesome site of handmade goodies! Handmade by Jamie is a site of handmade jewelry! Don't see anything you like? Then just shoot Jamie a quick email and she will custom make a piece!


Gothic Fairy eye, Purple


Head on over to my YouTube page and check out how to create and awesome purple Gothic Fairy eye design!


Fiery Eyes, subtle

I have had the great fortune to be able to create character looks for my friend, Nicole's, fantasy novel. She has given me a lot of lee way in creation so I hope you enjoy. If you would like to know more about Nicole's novel, please email me and I will get you in contact with her. Thanks!

YouTube Tutorial is posted!



Quick good night.



So I wanted to share some of the designs I have with everyone!

Hope you enjoy!


Play Day

My friend Adrienne has agreed to let me use her as my face model for the day. I may have pictures for you later on if she is ok with that! I hope everybody has a great day!


First YouTube Video!



Hello Everyone!

A friend of mine suggested getting into makeup design and blogging my ideas, so here I am. It has been the best thing for me lately! I promise not to spam anybody and really I just want you all to have fun! I will be posting pics of the ideas I have come up with so far, and if anybody has a request let me know!