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Abigail's Boutique Designs is currently searching for new promoters! The deadline is this Saturday, January 21st 2012 at midnight. Click on the link above, and it will take you to the rules and requirements to submit your application. Do you want to blog about some awesome products? Do you want a chance to be creative and use beautiful cosmetics to make those looks happen? Then put in your application to be an Abby Girl! Come on, what are you waiting for?


EdenFantasys - SexIs Magazine

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at EdenFantasys.com

So I like to think of myself as a well rounded, informed person. I do. I always review any adult related item before I buy it. Be it movies, magazines, Sex Toys, or costumes. So imagine my surprise when I stumble upon the SexIs magazine link on http://www.edenfantasys.com/ and get totally lost in the magazine. Not lost as in "what the heck is going on here" lost, but just so consumed by all the information available. There are articles that range from sexual preference to political news to sexual health and well being.

I literally spent HOURS just browsing all the different articles, interviews and columns...and I'm a very fast reader. I really like the wide range of ideas and posts there are. If there is anything I want to know about the adult industry community, I can find it here. It is literally a well of information at your fingertips! There is even a buyer's guide on there.

Not sure what type of toy you might like? Check out the Buyer's Guide. It's broken down into guides for women, men, anal play, BDSM, strap-on 101, and a Universal guide to cover everything they could think of. And it's not just blah, blah, blah. The entries are not only informative, they're entertaining. I know that, personally, I've read buyer's guides before and wanted to fall asleep. Not so with the SexIs Buyer's Guide. I definitely encourage you to check it out, especially if you're a beginner to purchasing sex products.

The best part for me is that it may be a magazine about sex, but it's not just "SEXSEXSEXSEX BAAAHHHHHHH SEX!", it's also "Hey, we know you're going to have sex and we want you to enjoy it, but let's make sure you're safe too." Not just information about wearing condoms and all that that you learned in Sex Ed class. It also includes information for the kinkier among us. There are those who like to tie people up or be tied up, but obviously it would be unpleasant to tie things too tight, yes? All in all I found the sex safety section of the Sexual Health and Well-Being very helpful.

So, final thoughts. I particularly enjoyed reading the SexIs magazine. I even signed up to get it sent to my house (which is free, by the way). If you want to get ahold of a LOT of information, check out SexIs. They've got information for people from Beginner to Advanced, plain sex to full kink. I highly recommend it, and I really think you'll enjoy it!

Happy Reading!


World's Biggest Summit

Do you want the chance to learn from 100 spiritual teachers all from the comfort of your home? Then head over to http://www.worldsbiggestsummit.com/# and sign up for your free ticket. Each day of the summit you will get an email with that day's link and access password. All the audio is downloadable so you can download the presentation and put them on your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or your computer. Check it out, it's free!

Goddess Guidebook

Hello my lovely Geeklings! I know I have been away for awhile, but I would just like to share this great site with you now that I'm back! It's the Goddess Guidebook website and I have spent HOURS going through all the awesome stuff they have! Leonie not only has a guidebook to help you get your life on track but there is a WHOLE COMMUNITY there to support you and help you through your journey! I will be able to post pictures and more when I get them all saved, but go ahead and go check out the website. I have enjoyed browsing and I know you will too!


In Love & Peace,